Your sensor in ANY cloud

Easily monitor, manage & analyse your sensor data online.

The io-key® ecosystem says ‘Hello!’

io-key® is the complete solution consisting of radio gateway, IoT cloud and Europe-wide data flat rate to monitor, manage and analyse sensor data online. It brings tens of thousands of sensors from hundreds of manufacturers into the cloud in less than a minute in an uncomplicated and safe way.

IO-Link sensors are detected automatically and independently of the manufacturer via Plug & Play and the sensor data are transmitted via radio into any cloud without any intervention in the IT infrastructure. There, the user can comfortably monitor and analyse the data, be alerted by e-mail and SMS if values change, and perform simple switching and control tasks.

From 0 to Smart in 60 seconds

More than a gateway. More than a cloud. More than IIoT. That’s the io-key®.

Plug & Play: Setup in under 1 minute

Digitise machines at minimal cost

Manufacturer-independent compatibility with tens of thousands of sensors

Monitor & analyse sensors online

Flexible, detached from IT & infrastructure

Turnkey cloud or cloud integration

Autarkic wireless connection

apollo – From OT for IT

Integrate the io-key® into your existing cloud infrastructure.

apollo brings structured and readable sensor data into your cloud via plug & play. Whether on AWS, Azure, or in your private cloud; apollo offers the possibility to connect the io-key® and thus tens of thousands of industrial sensors from hundreds of manufacturers directly to your cloud.

With its new apollo container architecture, autosen addresses integrators, cloud operators, software developers, IT service providers, and IoT natives. apollo takes care of the data preparation and delivers sensor values of the connected sensor to your broker via MQTT in less than 1 minute.

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Whitelabel your io-key®

io-key® & custom cloud infrastructure featuring your corporate design.

Add your logo to the io-key®, get your own cloud for your own brand or intergrate the io-key® into your existing Cloud infrastructure using apollo. io-key® is your personal key to value-creating technology transformation and sustainable customer loyalty in the rapidly changing markets of your individual industry. With the io-key®, you generate holistic digital added value from your sensors and automation solutions for your customers – uncomplicatedly and without great effort.

Sell your products and services together with the io-key®. Create added value for your cloud by Plug & Play integration of sensors. Offer your customers additional services on the cloud and venture the step into the Industrial Internet of Things.

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